Run Forrest, Run!

Two friends are talking over the telephone:

Friend 1: Hey, guess what! I just joined a gym! Really need to work out now

Friend 2: Yeah, I'm not a big gym fan, I prefer running.

Friend 1: How often do you run?

Friend 2: Everyday. I'm running right now in fact!

Friend 1: Really?

Friend 2: Yes. Late. Bye.



Leo M said...

you should be ashamed

chamki said...

What a waste of time this blog is!
I'm going to flag it!

Nonedone said...


Then why do you keep coming back here?

It's not like it's forced onto your browser as a homepage.

Shoo little girl, shoo. Go back to reading non-sensical poetry.

Anonymous said...

im loving it!

101% crazy babla,right you are.


TheFlatteredFlyingFish said...

i think this blog is the best thing that happened in 2006. okay i could be exaggerating, but im just that bored. i did laugh out loudly to this joke thuogh.

Nonedone said...

Aye, I'm happy to spread ze happiness.

bricks said...

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hehehahhaha vengeance