A Professor TeaLoony Special

How does a Bohemian cry?

What do you call a snobbish cup tea?

What cup of tea went to the oscars?

What do you call three teas hanging out together?

Cha cha cha
What kind of tea does Nandan grow?


~Credit: Professor TeaLoony


Loony Libberswick of Llapland said...

*hyuk* - they're terrible aren't they? :)

Leo M said...

excellent. truly excellent.

Nonedone said...

You have Celibacy Incarnate approval, TeaLoony.

Oh my.

Loony Libberswick of Llapland said...

is that a good thing or a good thing?

Chamki said...

I think its a great thing loony.

I like cha cha cha the most.

oliver said...

what is a sexually repressed punner's favourite drink?

mountain dew

nice (uhh!) blog. seems to get addictive pretty soon :D

Rapid I Movement said...

Oh ho ho...goatee indeed.
And what cha would Spielberg have then?


Srin said...

Nono, what dyou call a cup of tea thats dancing? chachacha.

Chamki said...

What did the steaming cup of tea say to the cold cutting's boy friend?

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Loony Libberswick of Llapland said...